With over 27 years of construction experience, my passion for building began at when I was just a child and started building at home in my father’s wood shop. At the age of seven, I was using every piece of machinery, including a wood lathe.

While my experience and techniques have continued to evolve and grow throughout my years in the field, I remain just as passionate about the art of construction and its deep-rooted disciplines and time-tested methods that I have been raised on.


When I am not busy building something with my hands, I am spending my time outside, hunting, fishing or downhill skiing. I am also an avid softball player, at one point was playing a minimum 10-17 games a week in four different leagues and a tournament every weekend, for five years straight.

As a kid I was also very active, walking seven miles each way to town on snow days to buy a model toy to put together. At 18 years old I biked from Greenville to Mackinaw City and then back in a matter of two and a half days.