Born and raised in GR, I graduated Summa Cum Laude from Calvin University.

I started my career as a technology educator and then transitioned to teaching 4th grade. While I have stories that could make you laugh and cry about teaching kindergartners computer skills and 4th graders long division, one of my favorites is being challenged to an arm wrestling competition by my entire class.

With a skillset in technology, a passion for design and creativity, and listening to my number obsessed CPA husband’s talk at dinner, the business world became very attractive. CopperRock’s vision and culture caught my eye.


An avid reader, it’s a goal of mine to read a book a week.

While I have traded in my volleyball gear for running shoes, I did earn varsity letters and a National Championship ring with my team in 2013. Go, Knights!

I am a Formula One super fan. On race day, one can find me cheering on the historic Red–Go, Ferrari!

I enjoy traveling and experiencing new designs and cultures but my favorite place is a relaxing night at home with my family and Australian Shepherd, Mumford.