I have a bachelor’s degree in Management from Western Michigan University I spent 5 years in the Navy as a Project Superintendent and enjoy being out in the field. I was deployed overseas to Italy, Spain, Okinawa, Germany, and Puerto Rico. I headed up a project that constructed a 2-mile 12’ tall steel and concrete wall that surrounded a Naval Air Station in Italy.

I spent several years building custom homes prior to going to work in fire protection research and development/engineering, and then spent several years in municipal government as the Director of Public Services.

I am very good with AutoCad and various BIM software, and have been using the software since high school.


I designed and built two of my own houses from the ground up; it is a ton of work, but it is worth it in the end.

My family and I enjoy spending time together gardening, boating, playing sports, or heading to the beach. Most summer weekends, you will find us at the beach or cruising on our boat. We are also avid Spartan fans; Go Green!

My wife and I try to make it to Mexico to vacation for a week or two every other winter. Our favorite location in Mexico is called Puerto Aventuras, which is located in the Rivera Maya. If you have never rode the collectivo while in Mexico, I recommend it, as it is always quite the experience.