John P.


My construction career includes more than seven years of rough carpentry, finish carpentry, metal work, iron work, concrete/excavating and project supervision positions.

With a degree from Ferris State University in Construction Management, I have also had the opportunity to work on a multitude of commercial projects, including both new construction and renovations and within various commercial sectors, such as hospitality, industrial and retail markets.

Through my education and experience, I now serve as a Project Superintendent and am proud to lead every project with a commitment to safety, accuracy and top-quality construction.


I went into construction because I enjoy working with my hands, whether building something or just being handy. Even as a young child, I was always outside getting my hands dirty.

Not much has changed since then – my passion for construction just continues to grow. In fact, I’ve come to really value and appreciate the collaborative relationships that are built on each project. Whether clients, subcontractors, or our internal teams, it is very rewarding to see a concept come to fruition and know we all had our role in building something special.

I can still also always be found outside – usually hunting or fishing on my free time now – but still always getting my hands dirty.