As a Michigan native, I have an extensive range of occupations and personal experiences. Professionally, I started my career in the Medical Cosmetics and Aesthetics Industry concentrating primarily on the advancements of medical-grade products, services, mostly laser technology and customer service. Years later, I transitioned into Elder Law and Estate Planning where I began my focus on administration and office management while strengthening my client care skills. A strong work ethic and customer satisfaction are of significant importance to me.


I have always admired the legacies of Princess Diana and Mr. Rogers, who have inspired me to begin my own legacy through a variety of volunteering opportunities. As a result, I have learned the value of being kind, empathetic, compassionate, and setting examples for others to follow. Additionally, I’ve discovered how gratifying it feels to make a difference in someone’s life and create a little happiness, if even for the short-term and/or without knowing it, yet those moments leave a lasting impact.

Some of my special memories of serving my community were during my reign as Miss Michigan for America Strong, 2021 (and placing in the Top 15 at Nationals), I volunteered with over 50 organizations. Working with the Special Olympics of Michigan, 2021 was an extraordinary event and a personal highpoint that continues to keep me physically and emotionally involved. I have an ongoing interest in crocheting scarves for nursing and veterans’ homes, and my mom and I are proud to have donated over 50 scarves to local establishments in need.

Aside from pageantry and volunteering, I cherish family time with my parents and brother on a regular basis and an occasional taste-of-the- grape with friends. I am passionate about home décor (to a fault) and obsessed with anything and everything “90’s” … such as the Friends, Seinfeld, and Home Improvement TV shows. Not to mention, watching classic childhood shows and movies on VHS tape, (I like “vintage”). I also enjoy all genres of music, especially the boy band, NSYNC!