Started in the construction industry at the ripe ole age of 15, with job titles including sweeper, framer, site superintendent, project manager, client specialist, and preconstruction. 

I hold a Masters Degree in Management from Aquinas College. A Bachelor of Science in Construction Management from Ferris State University. An Associate of Building Construction Technology from Ferris State University as well as an Associate of Architectural Drafting from Grand Rapids Community College

Awarded the 2008 Governor’s Award for Historic Preservation.

To me the benchmark of a successful project is being friends after it’s done. Happy clients and good relationships are what it’s all about.


Met my wife while both on vacation in Mexico. We love being on our boat in the summer. Lake MI is our Caribbean!

One of my favorite hobbies is playing hockey with a group of buddies I go way back with. I can’t guarantee my contributions lead to victory, but the sheer amount of laughter we generate on the ice is a definite win!

I am a complete fishing nut. 

I’ve been part of some pretty unique and elite residential projects, some include crafting saltwater aquariums that mimic the tides of Fuji and constructing a masterpiece mural on a sand dune. My portfolio also includes custom mailboxes, doggy dream homes, treehouses, and even projects spanning over 30,000 square feet.